Saturday, October 3, 2020

Ravenna Encampment


9/29/20 Ravenna neighborhood

Tuesday was another summer-like day (the second of 10 promised to us before fall sets in for good), so I went out leaf peeping and to find a sketch. Driving through the Green Lake and Ravenna neighborhoods, where many old deciduous trees line the streets, I saw plenty of beautiful color getting started.

To my shock and sadness, I also discovered a large homeless encampment on Ravenna Boulevard on the tree-lined, grassy strip between the two directions of traffic. It’s possible it’s been there a while, and I just hadn’t seen it. When I used to go out sketching downtown and in other parts of the city, homeless encampments were a common sight, so I was faced with this distressing reality more regularly. While I’ve been cocooned at home for the past six months to protect myself from the coronavirus, I’ve also been sheltered from other sad realities. Homelessness was a problem long before COVID-19 showed up, but the pandemic has certainly worsened the situation for people living on the streets.


  1. It is sad to see that conditions like this exist...and in fact are all too common. Good sketch of what you did see!


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