Wednesday, April 4, 2018

More Pink!

4/3/18 Dibble Ave. NW, Crown Hill neighborhood

After the UW Quad and Sunset Hill, the third regular stop on my personal hanami tour is Dibble Avenue Northwest in the Crown Hill neighborhood. A narrow residential street with cars parked on both sides, one block is lined with cherries. Younger and slenderer, these trees lack the stocky, knotted trunks of the ones on Sunset Hill. Nonetheless, I am always impressed that they are wider than they are tall, the pink-covered branches reaching across the width of the sidewalk. They also seem less tended and pruned, and I enjoy their asymmetrical shapes.

Yesterday was overcast, so I didn’t have the benefit of a blue sky and shadows for this sketch. But it was a bit warmer too, so I was able to stand on the sidewalk instead of sheltering in my mobile studio.

Still some buds! It's not over yet!

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