Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A Rough Start

4/10/18 2-min. poses

Spring quarter’s life-drawing sessions began a little rough around the edges. For starters, our monitor never showed. Fortunately, one of the participants is an experienced monitor, so he volunteered to do the job. Our model, however, seemed less experienced; let’s just say his repertoire of poses lacked variety.

While I’m complaining, I’ll tell you about a couple of the other participants. One habitually arrives late, then spends a good half-hour sharpening and sanding his charcoal and Conte crayons with much noise and fuss. Another had a respiratory issue that left the rest of us glancing at him periodically to make sure he wasn’t collapsing.

4/10/18 5-min. poses

4/10/18 10-min. pose

4/10/18 20-min. pose

4/10/18 20-min. pose

Luckily for me, I’m so used to ignoring distractions while sketching on location that I did my best to tune it all out. As for the inexperienced model, I think his best pose was the one he didn’t know he was making: I caught him checking his messages during his break.

4/10/18 model on his break


  1. Funny how his best pose was when he wasn't posing. lol I like that one best too.

    1. The spontaneity (and risk of being caught!) made his non-pose more fun, too!

  2. His pose of non-posing was indeed the best. Nice catch!


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