Friday, April 6, 2018

And Green, Too

4/5/18 Maple Leaf neighborhood

I’ve been so preoccupied hunting for pink that I haven’t been paying attention to the subtler signs of spring. Overnight, it seems, the maple trees I sketch only when they’re decked out in their fall finery are suddenly turning green. The leaves are so tiny that from a distance, they’re more like a yellow-green haze than foliage.

This maple just a block from my home is one I’ve sketched many times when it’s orange and gold. (Shown below is a sketch from last September when it was just barely beginning to turn.) I don’t give trees much sketching love when they’re green and fully leafed out. But this one looked so tender and vulnerable with its tiny new leaves that I wanted to give it some appreciation. After such a long, cold winter, I appreciate any sign of spring.

9/21/17 The same tree last fall


  1. I thought of you yesterday when a media person was lamenting that east coast cherry blossoms were no where to be found because of the snow storms that have been battering the area. Green is another thing lacking on planet Quebec.

  2. Hopefully we will see the green buds soon. I have been finding crocuses...but not daffs yet. I like how you included a bit more of the background in this sketch too.


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