Monday, April 2, 2018

Comcast in the ‘Hood

3/30/18 Maple Leaf neighborhood

We’ve been seeing Comcast cherry pickers all over the neighborhood lately. They’ve already been on our street, and now they are working a few blocks up. I ran into two of them on my stroll the other day; their trucks completely blocked the street.

I didn’t know how much time I’d have, so I quickly sketched the tops of the cherry pickers and the three workers first, then roughed in the vehicles and the rest of the composition. Good thing I did, because just then they decided they were done. As I finished my sketch, the three men came over to see what I was doing. Utility and construction workers often get nervous when they see someone standing at length watching them and doing what looks like writing in a notebook. They were delighted to see that I was sketching them and said that they are more often complained about than drawn. They also let me know they will be in my ‘hood for a while longer, so I’ll have plenty more to sketch if I want to.

Hey, did you catch the part about how I captured this while I was out strolling? That’s two days in a row that it was warm enough to sketch from the sidewalk! Could it be that spring didn’t forget us after all?

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  1. Good to see that strolling is possible in Seattle. We're having a day where it would be possible here too, but my leg wasn't up to the task when I tried this morning :-( Nice to see the sun though.


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