Monday, September 14, 2020

More Towels, Less Clothes

Out of curiosity, I ran a few Quicken reports to see how our spending during the past six months compared with the same period in previous years. Of course, the big difference is travel – we haven’t spent a penny on that this year, and very little on auto fuel. And clothes – not a stitch, not even socks or underwear. Well, that’s not entirely true – I did buy one T-shirt.

We bought a lot of towels – a lot. With all the handwashing at all of our sinks and constant cleaning of countertops and other surfaces, I decided it was time to replace all the towels in bulk quantities. In fact, I’m finding joy and satisfaction in replacing ordinary household items that were worn or not working well. We are in the habit of using things long past their reasonable life because we were both raised in thrifty families. But in these troubled times, why not use fresh, colorful towels or high-quality scissors that make our daily lives a tiny bit better?

I also bought several small works of art, mostly from friends, mostly impulsively. During uncertainty, there’s no reason to hesitate.

We’ve spent zero on professional haircuts, but I sprang for a pair of hair-thinning shears that makes it easy to trim my own hair in front and on the sides. As for the back, we give each other buzz cuts – fast and easy. We may never go back to a barber or salon again.

Then there’s the matter of hobbies and art supplies. Hmmm, I may have spent a bit more than in previous years; perhaps I seek solace in colored pencils and notebooks. And three new bags from Rickshaw! OK, possibly excessive, especially since I rarely travel more than a mile. But I am about bags the way some are about shoes: They always fit, and you can never have too many.

Sadly, I’ve spent nothing on lunch or coffee dates with friends.

What are you spending more or less on during these pandemic times?

My only clothing purchase this year. . . or should I put this
expense in the "hobby" category?


  1. What a perfect shirt for you! lol I know I'm spending much, much less on gas. Prior to this year I was gassing up more than once a week. Now I go several weeks before I need to refuel. I am spending $0 on clothing. I seem to wear the same selection over and over. I think we are spending more on groceries since I make sure there is a healthy choice for Jerry since he was diagnosed as diabetic...more veggies now and lots less pasta. I haven't even spent much on art supplies...although there was that new Lamy pen I ordered. I guess it sort of balances out in the end.

    1. I'm sure you're spending $0 on travel, too, just like me! So go ahead and splurge on art supplies. ;-)


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