Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Milkvue Donuts

9/10/20 Clockwise from left: Fruity Pebbles, Matcha Tea and Ube donuts from Milkvue

Seattle Fish Guys, purveyor of fresh fish and readymade seafood meals, have been our life saver during these monotonous pandemic months when an occasional takeout meal is our only change of pace. We used to get takeout from the Guys often even in the Before Times, but we’ve found ourselves there more frequently since they started offering meal “kits” during corona times: all the seafood-based ingredients and accompaniments for complete meals, including easy instructions that even I can follow.

Nom-nom! I polished off the green one as soon as the sketch was done!
Last week when we picked up our kits, I was surprised and delighted when I was handed a whole box of Milkvue Donuts! The kits usually come with cakes or cookies made by local bakeries that Fish Guys have partnered with, but we’d never gotten donuts before. Milkvue, a small Gig Harbor shop, uses a blend that includes rice flour, which gives the donuts a softer, chewier texture than typical raised donuts. You know me – I’m always too hungry to put a sketch between myself and food (for example, have you ever seen a sketch of those delicious seafood meals I’ve just been talking about? Of course not). I scarfed a donut down immediately, but I had enough forethought to save the prettiest ones to sketch the next day.

I’ve eaten a few donuts in my life (and even sketched some), but I must say that these Milkvue donuts may be the best ever – and certainly the most gorgeous. It’s possible that this still life took more colors than I’ve ever used in a single sketch.

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  1. These look so delicious and your description only makes them sound better. lol


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