Wednesday, September 19, 2012

St. Catherine of Siena Parish

9/18/12 Lamy fountain pen, Platinum Carbon ink, Stillman & Birn sketchbook
Yesterday I found myself with another one of those awkward gaps of freelance time (too early to leave for the next appointment but not enough time to start the next work project), so I hurried over to the St. Catherine of Siena Parish just a few blocks from my house. I walk or drive past this church and school several times a week, yet I had never noticed before the pale verdigris-green stains coming down from the “grating” at the top of the tower (I’m probably making architects cringe – sorry, I don’t know the correct term for those things). I didn’t have time to put in as many details as I wanted to, but I made an attempt to capture that subtle color.
(Hey, something happened on my way to filling in these awkward gaps of time with architectural sketches that I usually dread: I don’t dread them anymore! Do I daresay I’m starting to enjoy them? On a technical note, I’ve been using Platinum Carbon in my Lamy the past few days, and so far, it is living up to its many rave reviews – it dries quickly enough that it keeps up with my left hand most of the time, so I only got one smudge in this sketch, and I love the velvet-black blackness.)

1 comment:

  1. Gald you are enjoyuing the Platinum carbon Black ink!
    Hey... what a wonderful set of sketching you are making!


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