Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mid-September Melancholy

9/13/12 fountain pen, Copic Multiliner SP pen, Hand Book sketchbook
Despite the mostly cloudless sky and warm sunshine, so rare by mid-September, the Lake City Farmer’s Market had a distinct note of melancholy. Except for the woman with a megaphone encouraging shoppers to come around the corner where the information booths were hiding, the market was unusually quiet: By 4:15, the scheduled musician still hadn’t shown up for his 4 o’clock gig. Maybe it was just me who was melancholy.
Savoring a scoop of homemade chocolate ice cream from Half Pint Ice Cream, I sat in the shade to sketch the young woman I had just bought the cup of decadence from. I had resisted that ice cream all summer, not for the usual reasons but because I knew it would be difficult to hold and eat it while also sketching. But I felt so bittersweet about the market and the end of summer that I saw no point in resisting today. I had originally planned to add watercolors to the sketch as I usually do, but then I noticed my ice cream was getting soft.
Life is short, and so is summer. Sometimes eating ice cream is more important than painting.
(Technical note: Once again, I started this sketch with Noodler’s Bulletproof ink in my Lamy, but switched to a Copic Multiliner SP because the Bulletproof was smearing all over the place. My bottle of Platinum Carbon – the champagne of inks! – is on its way!)

1 comment:

  1. Nice sketch and emotive blog post.

    I agree about the Noodler's. It takes far too long to dry. I even did a somewhat scientific test comparing it to other inks and with several kinds of paper. Platinum Carbon won, hands down. The Noodler's can be found at UW Bookstore but the Platinum Carbon is hard to find. I have to mail (web) order it.


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