Sunday, March 3, 2013

Edmonds Fire Station Memorial

3/3/13 Platinum Sepia, watercolor, Zig markers, Stillman & Birn sketchbook
Seattle sketchers Kate Buike and Peggy Gloth were among the artists whose works are included in an exhibition of miniature paintings at Gallery North in Edmonds. I went to the artist’s reception this afternoon and saw lots of beautiful, tiny works of art.
Since I don’t get up to charming Edmonds as often as I’d like, and since the day turned out to be as sunny and pleasant as any we’ve had the past several months, I looked around for something to sketch. Driving slowly (it’s the kind of town where people don’t honk or give you the finger if you’re driving slower than the speed limit) up and down residential streets, I stumbled upon the Edmonds Fire Station.
In a tiny spot of green across from the station was a memorial called “Somewhere Every Day” in honor of Captain Bill Angel, who died in the line of duty at the age of 48, and other lost firefighters. The nearby sign said that it was the site of the future Edmonds 9/11 memorial.
My sketch makes the memorial look larger than the station behind it, but I was actually standing very close to the small memorial. Still, it seemed appropriate to sketch a memorial for firefighters lost in the line of duty as larger than life.

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  1. Maybe he just needed to be bigger than life. Nice job on this!


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