Wednesday, April 17, 2019


3/31/19 interloping squirrel
Our bird feeder is designed to keep non-bird critters from feeding. Called a Squirrel Buster, it was recommended by our local Audubon Society office as an effective way to keep squirrels out, and it is. We’ve been having other issues with it lately, though, so we temporarily replaced it with an older feeder that doesn’t bust squirrels well.

Sure enough, we’ve been having visits from a determined interloper who must make a climb on a slippery, angled pole before getting to the feeder. Once there, he clings precariously to the feeder, circling it slowly as he gobbles up seeds that the birds have spilled in the tray. (Fortunately, he can’t pull fresh seeds from the holes as the small birds can.) It’s hilarious comedy watching him scramble up the pole and contort himself into awkward positions to eat!

We’re about to take down the feeder for the season, and next year we’ll return to using the Squirrel Buster, so these sketches may be my last chance to capture this squirrely guy.



  1. Good sketches! I usually like watching squirrels even more than birds, so I didn't use a squirrel-buster.

    1. I've had the same thought...maybe we don't need the Squirrel Buster. The squirrel is so entertaining!


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