Friday, April 12, 2019

Secret Jazz Club

4/6/19 jazz trio performing at the Secret Jazz Club

A friend told us about the Secret Jazz Club, which is billed as an “intimate” concert venue in Georgetown. Its location is obviously not a secret, since it sells tickets through Airbnb and can be readily found when searched on the Internet. It turns out that the reason it is a “secret” is that the musicians you hear may or may not be the ones who were scheduled for the evening that you bought tickets for. It could be a total surprise! We love jazz, and the venue sounded intriguing, so we took a chance and got a pair of very reasonably priced tickets.

We’re glad we did. Indeed, the jazz trio we heard that evening were not the performers who were named and pictured on Airbnb, but no matter. The music was wonderful, and – more important to me – both the stage and the seating area were well-lit for a concert venue, so it was an entirely sketchable event. With a great view of pianist Matt, bass player Mike and drummer Max, I spent the first set sketching the trio. During the second set, I made a couple of small portraits, trying to achieve better likenesses and expressions. Max, especially, had such a blissful expression during his drum solos that I wanted to capture it.

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