Thursday, April 11, 2019

Art Talk and Free Pizza

4/5/19 panel discussion at Gage Academy

Gage Academy occasionally offers free lectures and discussions by instructors and other artists. Last week, visiting instructor Susan Jane Walp and instructor Kimberly Trowbridge were on a Q&A panel to give students an opportunity to ask them about their art practice. Moderated by Gage executive director Stefano Catalani, the panel discussion included free pizza! It was an enjoyable way to spend a wet and blustery lunchtime hour. (Get on Gage’s mailing list to find out about these events.)

Some might have the impression that sketching while people are talking is rude because it seems like attention is not focused on the speaker. I’ve always found it fascinating that I remember more of what is being said when I sketch while listening. In addition, I sometimes take notes on the sketch, and those notes are far more likely to be referred to again because they are part of the sketch instead of lost in a notebook.

Technical note: I made this sketch with the Sailor Cross Point fountain pen that I filled to get ready for the One Week 100 People challenge. I think it’s been months since I took the fountain pens out of my bag because I hadn’t been using them much. It felt good to get inky again. And I was suddenly very happy that my nib was gliding on Zetas smooth surface instead of cold press paper.

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