Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Mail Truck in Wedgwood

6/12/17 ink, Tombow marker, water-soluble colored pencils
So I like cheap thrills: I get excited when I spot a mail truck within sketching distance. It’s not just that they’re cute and fun to sketch; it’s the added challenge that its driver is likely to return soon. I’ve bagged two previously – one last January and one a couple of years ago.

Driving through the Wedgwood neighborhood yesterday, I pulled over immediately when I saw this one. Almost as soon as I put pen to paper, I saw the mail carrier returning. I drew faster and faster, quickly throwing on shadows as she rearranged parcels for her next stop. I was still making the last of my tick marks around the truck to help me place the cars and other elements around it when the carrier hopped in and drove off. Yes! Bagged another one!

You know what else I’d love to sketch? A garbage or recycling truck! I managed to get one from the distance several years ago, but I’d like to get more detail. Despite their ubiquity, they hardly stop at all, so they are truly elusive. Once I got stuck behind a garbage truck on a narrow residential street and had to follow it for quite a while; if I hadn’t been driving, I would have had plenty of time to sketch its rear end. 

Mail trucks have become too easy. I’m after bigger game now. 


  1. LOL I can just picture you sketching behind the garbage truck as it goes down the street. In NYC some of the streets are really narrow and if you followed the truck you could be driving and still get a sketch done since you can't go anywhere anyway.

    1. Well, I always have my sketch kit right next to me on the passenger seat, so if I get stuck in that situation again, I might try it! ;-)


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