Wednesday, June 14, 2017

King Street Station Again

6/13/17 ink, water-soluble colored pencils
I seem to be on a Seattle icon roll (not to be mistaken for a Seattle roll). You already saw the six I managed to hit in one day last Friday. Yesterday I had only a bit of time in the International District, so I went straight to the small park across from the King Street Station. I’ve sketched it at least a couple of times before – once about a year ago and back in 2013, too. It’s a classic shape that I’m still not tired of sketching. Frankly, each time I do it, a different part looks wonky, so it never hurts to keep practicing.


  1. Love the color and the shape of the tower. Nicely done!

  2. I feel like I learn a lot from your sketches every time I look at them. Do you think it would be possible to: a) list the physical size of the original sketch; b) scan and post the sketches at a much larger resolution for those who really would like to study your technique. George

    1. Thank you for your comments, George! Almost all of my sketches are 9x6 inches. If you see a crease in the middle, then it's 9x12. I don't like to scan images larger on my blog, but if you go to my Flickr photostream and click on the thumbnails, you can see them much better:


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