Sunday, January 8, 2017

Vanity Tote

You know about vanity license plates, and now there’s the vanity tote bag! Rickshaw Bagworks, maker of my all-time favorite everyday-carry bag (as well as several other bags I own), now offers custom tote bags. You can have any image digitally printed onto your choice of three tote bag sizes. I thought it was a cool idea even at full price, but then they sent me a coupon code for half off (mctx50 until Jan. 11), and who could resist that?

The hard part was finding two sketches (one for each side) that fit well in the tote bag’s portrait format (I tend to sketch in landscape format). I finally found one of the Space Needle that I sketched last spring in a class and one of the Maple Leaf water tower from last year. Two urban icons – one from my city, one from my neighborhood – seemed like the ideal images to put on my urban sketching vanity tote. 😀


  1. Great idea! Your bag looks fantastic. Lots of other vendors will put one's image on a bag but I understand this maker is your fav.

  2. I had followed the link to the bags the other day. They look nice...and quite deep. I think you found two perfect sketches for your bag!


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