Monday, January 16, 2017

Street View

1/12/17 brush pen, colored pencil
The past couple weeks we’ve had the longest-running streak of cold temperatures I can remember. Most winters we have a few days at a time with temps in the 20s, but it’s rare for cold snaps here to last longer than that. Fortunately, it’s also been sunny on most of those days, which makes the cold a little easier to bear.

My “mobile studio” has been serving me well. I just drive around looking for a street scene that catches my eye, and by the time I find one, my car is fully heated – I’m good for at least a half-hour.

1/16/17 graphite, colored pencil
1/13/17 graphite

1 comment:

  1. From the reports I've seen you have been having some cold temps. Glad you too have found a way to not let it slow down your sketching. Nice work!


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