Saturday, January 7, 2017

Not-So-High Noon

1/6/17 graphite, colored pencil
The past week or longer, it’s been colder here than it has been in years. Winter temperatures below freezing and even below zero are commonplace in some regions, but not here – we rarely see the mercury dip into the 20s during daylight hours. Just as unusual are some of the clear, sunny days we’ve had along with the cold.

Yesterday I drove around for a while just to get the temperature up inside my car, including the seat heater. Then I pulled over in the Bryant neighborhood to catch a few trees and street shadows. While I don’t have it in me to brave the cold as some urban sketchers in northern climes do (see this post from several hardy sketchers on how they do it), I do crave sunshine when I can get it, especially on these short days. (I know this sketch looks like 5 p.m., but it was actually not-so-high noon!)


  1. I would have had to drive around for a long time to get the car warm enough to use as a studio today. At noon it was a balmy 20 degrees (8 degrees when we woke up). This looks like a cold day...nice!

    1. Brrr! I saw your lovely snow scene painting! Stay warm!

    2. I had to do my sketching in Maine from indoors. It was much too cold to sit in the car. lol


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