Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Poplar at the Playground

6/17/13 Platinum Carbon ink, watercolor, 100 lb. paper
At 5 p.m., the usual crowd at the Maple Leaf playground was getting sparse, as kids and their parents were probably returning home to get ready for dinner. I didn’t have much time myself, but I was eager to do a field test with my new sketchbook cover, so I chose the single tall poplar at the edge of the playground, a tiny pale blue bicycle and its rider nearby.


  1. Nice sketch to start your new sketchbook in your "Stefano." I had seen his post about the covers he makes, and yours looks like it will be perfect for your trip to Barcelona. It is great that it could be custom-made for your purposes. The cover looks so classy!

  2. Great field test Tina!
    I'm so proud that you are going to Barcelona... I was so close to join that Urban Sketcher symposium. What a pity to not be there!!


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