Sunday, June 23, 2013

Low Tide Again, This Time in Edmonds

6/23/13 Platinum Carbon ink, watercolor, 140 lb. paper
If you saw my sketch yesterday at Richmond Beach, this sketch may give you déjà vu. The Seattle Urban Sketchers met in downtown Edmonds, and despite the forecast of rain, dozens of sketchers turned out. Several of us walked a few blocks west near the ferry terminal. Unlike yesterday, the sky was completely overcast, and it started spitting shortly after I began this sketch.
Hoping the rain would stop, I started a second sketch of a sculpture a short distance from the beach. The bronze sculpture, which shows three children playing in a boat, is just behind the pedestrian entrance to the ferry terminal. Unfortunately, it started drizzling even harder. I couldn’t find a placard nearby, nor could I find any information about the sculpture on Google, so I can’t attribute the artist.
6/23/13 Diamine Chocolate Brown ink, 100 lb. paper
Annoyed by the rain and getting hungry, I retreated to the Café Louvre for a snack and this sketch (below) while waiting for the others to show up for the sketchbook sharing. There were so many sketchbooks that they didn’t all fit on the large table we had gathered around!
6/23/13 Sailor pen, Private Reserve Black Magic Blue ink, 100 lb. paper

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  1. Quite a contrast in the sky from one day to the next. Sorry the weather didn't cooperate, but you did get some sketching done.


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