Saturday, June 8, 2013

Free Car Wash

6/8/13 Sailor pen, Diamine Eclipse ink, Stillman & Birn Alpha sketchbook
My car was so filthy that I would have been happy to give a donation to a good cause like a school band or a Girl Scout troop. So when I saw a bunch of teenagers holding up signs promoting a car wash near the Fairview Christian School, I eagerly turned off of Roosevelt Way Northeast toward the school. “No Donation! FREE Car Wash!” read the sign. Really? Free?
Hmmm. I couldn’t imagine that anyone there would try to sell me a timeshare condo, so I continued into the lot. It turned out to be exactly as advertised: a free car wash! I sat in the car while they hosed and scrubbed it clean. I was in the middle of this sketch when I remembered that the seal between my side window and the rag top on my convertible doesn’t quite seal, and suddenly my sketch was sprayed a bit. Through the windshield, the view of the car ahead of me was similar to a very rainy day.


  1. Fun sketch and funny story. I'm thinking something like "art imitates life"

  2. Luckily the runny look works! lol Love the sketches of the Farmers Market below. How nice that you always have entertainment there. Have a great weekend.


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