Sunday, October 6, 2019

Convention Center with WSU

10/5/19 View from Convention Center

As has become an annual tradition, Washington State University prof Bob Krikac and his sophomore interior design class joined USk Seattle for a sketch outing yesterday. He brings his class from Pullman to Seattle every fall as part of the curriculum, and their week ends with urban sketching. An avid sketcher himself, Bob believes in the importance of drawing from life and encourages his students to keep a sketchbook. For us regular USk Seattle sketchers, it was fun to have lots of young energy at what was probably the largest gathering we’ve had in a long time.

Since we knew the weather could be iffy in October, we chose the Convention Center and Freeway Park for the outing – convenient for both indoor and outdoor options. While I waited for the group to assemble at the fountain, I made my InkTober sketch with the white Uni Posca pen I’ve been trying out with my trusty red Field Notes. (I’ll review this pen soon. Spoiler alert: I like it better than the white Sakura Gelly Roll I’ve been using for years – with some minor reservations.)
10/5/19 Convention Center fountain

Once we all got up to the Convention Center’s top floor with its floor-to-ceiling city views, I picked the one with cranes (of course). The overcast sky made it tricky to see values, so it was a good opportunity to pull out my red/blue pencil. (Only three cars on the freeway. . .? Perhaps a post-apocalyptic scene. 😉)

Although I didn’t have time for another sketch at Freeway Park, I was happy to see that many students wandered out to enjoy its unusual nooks, crannies and fountains.

Washington State University sophomores and USk Seattle took over the Convention Center!


  1. Wow...that's quite a group. It is fun when there are a lot of people around that give energy to the day. I like the pencil sketch with the cranes...for some reason I focused on them first. lol The posca pen worked well for the fountain. I will be looking forward to your review of it.

    1. It was a fun morning! A-ha -- so the cranes caught your eye, too!


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