Sunday, March 10, 2019

The Randy Show

3/15/18 Randy (20-min. pose)
11/8/18 Randy (10-min. pose)

Randy Schuder is possibly the most-often drawn, painted and sculpted person in the Seattle area. A Gage Academy model for more than 15 years, he is one of the school’s best. I’ve sketched him at life drawing sessions many times (most recently a couple of weeks ago), and it’s always fun to recognize him on Gage’s walls where student work is often hung.

Now he is being officially recognized by the Gage community with “The Randy Show,” an exhibit of 150 works exclusively of Randy. Including everything from sculpted busts and oil paintings to pages torn out of sketchbooks, the show acknowledges his many years of service. As every life drawing student knows, we couldn’t practice if we didn’t have models, and I’m ever-grateful for Randy and other models who make it possible. I was honored to include a couple of sketches (shown here) in the show.

At the show's opening reception Friday night,
Randy points out my humble sketches surrounded by many amazing works
by students and instructors the past 15+ years.
Surrounded by his own likeness, Randy, a published poet,
reads a poem he wrote.

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