Saturday, April 23, 2016

Pike Place Market for 51st World Wide SketchCrawl

4/23/16 inks, colored pencil

Our five-day “summer” may be over, but the tourist season is just beginning at the Pike Place Market. Urban Sketchers Seattle pushed our way through the crowds with the best of ‘em as we sketched one of our most iconic locations for the 51st quarterly World Wide SketchCrawl.

4/23/16 ink, colored pencils
My first self-assignment of the day was to make a sketch or two for Liz Steel’s online SketchingNow Edges class (more details on those exercises soon). I knew exactly which scene I wanted to do: that famous Seattle postcard, the Public Market Center sign. This sketch is a simplified version of the composition I did a couple of years ago from a slightly different angle.

After that I just wandered around the Market, enjoying the energetic bustle, and stopped for a couple of buskers along the way. While I waited for the others in the Atrium for our sketchbook sharing, I caught a few people having lunch with the Sasquatch.

4/23/16 ink, colored pencils
4/23/16 ink, non-hairy brush pen
Speaking of lunch, several of us decided to continue sketching at Sound View CafĂ©, which has a great view of – surprise! – Puget Sound, the Great Wheel and those ubiquitous cranes on the waterfront. In the back of my mind, I was thinking I could knock off another Edges assignment if I sketched my meal, but as soon as the veggie burger appeared, I devoured it. Filled with remorse that I’d lost an opportunity for doing an assignment, I left enough lettuce, onions and home fries (plus lots of ketchup) for a full-color sketch.

4/23/16 non-hairy brush pen, white pencil
4/23/16 ink, watercolor (remains of the meal)
Michele and me
Feather and me

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