Saturday, April 2, 2016

Longest Bridge, Longest Lines

4/2/16 brush pen, ink (Waiting for the shuttle bus home.)

The new SR-520 bridge across Lake Washington is officially the longest floating bridge in the world (certified today by Guinness World Records). But the joke we kept hearing all day was that we would also break the record for the world’s longest lines – for the food trucks and the shuttle buses bringing people to and from the pedestrian-only “party on the bridge.”

4/2/16 brush pen, colored pencils, Zig marker (Photo opp for kids)
The all-day family event included heavy equipment for kids to climb on, a Lego model of the bridge, a ribbon-cutting ceremony with fanfare, etc. But really the coolest part was just being able to walk across the mile-and-a-half span – probably the only time ever that pedestrians will be allowed on the six-lane bridge, which officially opens for traffic on April 11.

As we waited an hour-plus for our food, and then another hour-plus for the shuttle home, we made more jokes about being the first of surely many traffic jams to come. But when it’s 60 degrees and sunny, I didn’t even mind being stuck in “traffic.”

4/2/16 brush pen, ink, colored pencil (Food truck line)

Still waiting in line.
Despite the pedestrian traffic jams, it was still fun to walk across the span for
probably the only time ever.

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