Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Another Metasketch (Plus Bookbinding) Day

11/4/14 Diamine Sapphire, Diamine Grey and Pilot Iroshizuku Yu-yake inks,
Lamy Safari pen, Canson XL 140 lb. paper
It’s still raining. I decided to do another metasketch – of a Lamy Safari pen and a bottle of Diamine Sapphire ink sketched with a Lamy Safari pen and Diamine Sapphire ink! Don’t I get double metasketching points for that? (The shadow is Diamine Grey, and the flourish is Pilot Iroshizuku Yu-yake.)

I had at least two ulterior motives for this metasketch: One is that I want to do more ink-only sketches this month, since I’ve given myself that challenge (the “ink” part of InkNaNoDrawMo). And the second is that I want to enter GouletPens.com’s Thanksgiveaway contest this month. The prize is an Omas Ogiva Alba fountain pen (valued at $495), and all you have to do to enter is send something handwritten with pen and ink to GouletPens telling them something you are grateful for. It’s not an art competition – the winner will be chosen randomly – so we all have an equal shot!

My September-October sketchbook.
A rainy day is also good for bookbinding, so I used the opportunity to bind my September – October sketchbook. On the covers are the Space Needle sketched with a twig at the Olympic Sculpture Park and the crazy monster tree I sketched in Tacoma. I chose these sketches for the cover because they represent two types of media I’ve been experimenting with a lot lately in various ways: twig and India inkà la KK, and water-soluble colored pencils

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  1. I like your ink sketch of the ink bottle and Lamy pen. I'll have to go over and check the Goulet Pen website.


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