Monday, July 8, 2019

Professor Trelawney at Capitol Cider

6/27/19 Shawna as Professor Trelawney (5-min. pose)

Gage Academy has been sponsoring a bimonthly drink and draw for a while now at Capitol Cider, but I’d never gotten around to it for various reasons (mainly the challenging parking in that neighborhood, despite its relative proximity to home). However, I recently had so much fun at the cosplay drink and draw in Renton that I became more motivated to give Capitol Cider’s event a shot. Natalie was game to try it with me, so we braved traffic and parking issues, and the fun evening was worth it!

The theme that night was Harry Potter, and the featured model was dynamic Shawna dressed as Professor Trelawney. I’ve sketched Shawna many times at Gage life drawing sessions, but usually when she’s nude, so it was a new treat to capture the flowing gown and red scarf she wore. At Gage, the shortest poses I’ve done are one minute long, so an additional new challenge was the series of 30-second poses Shawna gave us. I’m not sure if the beer helped or hindered me, but I sure had a blast! We’ll be back for more.

5-min. poses

A pose by Dumbledore, who was also the emcee
(10-min. pose)
1-min. pose

30-second poses


  1. This looks like such fun! Wish we had something unusual to sketch around here.

  2. Lots of energy in those quick sketches. I could get to Capitol Cider on the street car. How long is the longest pose?

    1. Although I didn't stay for it, the longest pose was 20 minutes at the end. The rest ranged from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. If you go, go early and grab a table near the stage, where the lighting is best. Then have food/bev until the model begins.


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