Monday, May 30, 2016

Opportunities to be Grateful

5/30/16 inks, brush pen, colored pencils

When I was growing up, my family’s tradition was to use Memorial Day as an opportunity to remember not only those who died serving our country but also family members we’ve lost. I’ve continued that tradition each year on this weekend by visiting Sunset Hills Memorial Park, where my parents and sister are interred.

5/30/16 brush pen, white Gelly Roll pen
It’s been wet and blustery most of the holiday weekend (yesterday I had to stay in and paint the flowers I would bring to the cemetery), but today the sun came out. We happened to arrive just as the memorial service was beginning. Hundreds of flags (I sketched more of them a few years ago) waved against the achingly bright blue sky as each branch of the armed services was called out to be recognized. Later as I walked back to the car, I spotted a fountain, and I could still hear bagpipes playing “Amazing Grace” as I sketched it.

Knowing that “the mountain” would be out on this cloudless day, I walked up to Maple Leaf Park this afternoon (and met a plein air painter there who was painting – surprise! – the same thing). Just as I felt at the cemetery, sketching the view of Mt. Rainier made me grateful and joyful to be alive.

5/29/16 watercolor

5/30/16 watercolor

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  1. You sketched a little bit of everything going on. Good for you!


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