Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Another Antique Shopping Moment

5/24/16 brush pen, Zig marker, ink, colored pencils
Just last month I was talking about how sketching is like antique shopping: If you see something you like, you’d better get it now, because tomorrow it may be gone. It happened again.

Yesterday I drove past the site of the former Wilson-Pacific School, where a nearly demolished mural had been restored and recently re-installed. (I first learned about the restoration effort last year from The Seattle Sketcher.) Construction of the new school is under way on the site, and when I drove by, I could clearly see the huge, striking mural from the street along with some heavy equipment, mounds of dirt and other construction stuff. I thought it would make a great sketch, but it was raining at the time, so I decided to come back today.

Too late. Now the mural is no longer visible from the street and probably won’t be for a while. I didn’t go home without a sketch, though – I had my choice of lots of machinery, some busy, some not. I picked this little excavator that didn’t have anything to do.

1 comment:

  1. It is true that you have to sketch things when you have a chance. You never know what will be waiting for you. Nothing like riding to see a lighthouse and finding the whole thing covered in scaffolding. lol Nice sketch of the machinery.


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