Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Seuss Trees

2/18/15 Various inks, twig, Caran d'Ache Museum
water-soluble colored pencils, Fabriano Studio 140 lb.
hot-press paper
Perhaps Seattle has an arborist named Dr. Seuss.

You’ve seen my ongoing sketch series of trees that have been butchered to accommodate power lines. Growing in front of Bryant Elementary School are several very tall trees that have been pruned in the weirdest way, but here’s the clincher: That street has no visible power lines at all. I’m sure the arborist had a reason to hack away the wide limbs that probably would have reached all the way across this relatively narrow street, but I can’t imagine what it was. Meanwhile, the branches have decided that if they can’t spread outward, they will grow straight up.


  1. What an odd way to prune a tree...especially if there are no power lines to get in the way. Nice capture!

  2. I agree with Joan. Very strange but great sketch.


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