Friday, February 13, 2015

Fueled by Pens and Coffee

2/12/15 Platinum Carbon and Iroshizuku Fuyu-syogun inks, Caran d'Ache
Museum water-soluble colored pencil, Fabriano Studio 140 lb. hot-press paper
You know from my Epic Pen Search and Discovery series that I’ve been trying out a lot of unusual fountain pen nibs lately. I brought a couple to Zoka Coffee yesterday, because one of my favorite uses of a variable-line-width pen is sketching people (others are trees and animals). You’ll be hearing more about these pens in full reviews I’ll be writing within the next few weeks, but you can consider these sketches a teaser.

I’m particularly taken with the fine hairs I was able to draw on the man at right – along with the folds in his clothing and other bolder lines – all with one pen! (Spoiler alert: It’s a Sailor with a zoom nib.)

The people in the blue and brown sketch below were done with a Platinum music nib. Too broad for details, this pen forces me to be faster and looser.

More on these and other pens coming soon!

2/12/15 Diamine Sargasso Sea and Iroshizuku Tsukushi inks

2/12/15 Diamine Chocolate Brown ink

2/12/15 Diamine Sapphire ink

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  1. It is amazing the difference you get in lines from one pen to another...or even with a particular pen.


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