Friday, September 27, 2013

Two More Dead Animals and One Sleepy One

9/27/13 Diamine Eclipse ink, Sailor pen, 140 lb. Canson XL
After we split up at the Botany Greenhouse, I went to grab some lunch and then walked over to the Burke Museum. My goal is to sketch every dead head in there – and there are lots of them.  

The skull that caught my eye today belonged to an orangutan, and the placard said the skull was a gift of the Woodland Park Zoo. As I sketched, I couldn’t help but think of Towan, the zoo’s very living orangutan, whom I had sketched last year. I tried to place Towan’s gentle, contemplative features over this nightmarish skull, and it made me happy to know I can still see Towan at the zoo, swinging in his hammock.

Speaking of nightmarish, a caged Triceratops skull– found 65 million years ago in Montana – was my next sketch. Now there’s a puppy I’m happy I won’t have to meet live – although he was herbivorous, so I guess I wouldn’t need to worry.

9/27/13 Diamine Eclipse ink, Sailor pen, 140 lb. Canson Montval
As I waited for my bus ride home, I got my last very quick sketch of the day: a napping dog who was also waiting for the bus. 

9/27/13 Diamine Chocolate Brown ink,
100 lb. paper

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  1. Nice skulls, but I prefer the living, breathing, napping dog. lol The skulls did make for some of your nice shading.


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