Thursday, February 7, 2013

Make Sketches While the Sun Shines

2/7/13 Diamine Chocolate Brown ink, Stillman & Birn Gamma sketchbook
I had errands to run this afternoon, but suddenly the sun appeared! I dashed into the zoo just long enough to paint some flamingoes and sketch a giraffe’s head.

2/7/13 Platinum Carbon, Platinum Sepia inks, watercolor


  1. Nice sketches, Tina. What is this sun to which you speak? Ours went extinct some time ago :-)

    Cheers --- Larry

    1. Thanks, Larry! The sun's appearance was rare, indeed. It's tough being an urban sketcher in the winter, isn't it!

  2. Oh I love that giraffe!!! How great that you are close enough to a zoo to just dash in.


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