Thursday, August 30, 2012

Clallam County

8/30/12 Lamy fountain pen, Noodler's waterproof ink, Kuretake Brush Writers
Clallam County, a group that bills itself as “Seattle’s Slowest Rising Folk Group,” gave a lively bluegrass performance at the Lake City Farmer’s Market – original songs, a sardonic Allison Kraus ballad and even a Beatles tune thrown in. Since I was standing, I didn’t want to block their audience’s view, so I stood slightly to the side, which gave me a helluva foreshortened angle on a banjo and guitars that kicked my sketchin’ butt. But on a warm and sunny afternoon – the scent of fresh tamales, bright flowers at every turn, and corn at last! – who could complain?


  1. You are getting so good at sketching the figures and their instruments! These last two posts are great!

  2. Thank you, Joan and Sharon! Maybe all the time I've spent at farmer's markets is finally paying off! :-)

  3. After seeing this page on my blog, Clallam County's Peter McKee (the banjo player) had difficulty posting a comment and asked me to put this comment here for him:

    Tina - Thank you so much for showing us your fantastic sketch. Our band has never been the subject of such a talented artist! Fantastic!

    Peter McKee, for Clallam County

    Thanks, Peter! Love your music and will look for you at the market again! - Tina


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