Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Zoka Coffee – Before and After

11/5/18 Zoka Coffee (after increasing the contrast)

The only benefit of turning the clocks back is that the early mornings are a bit brighter again. Despite the overcast sky and promise of rain, a nice light was coming in through the windows at Zoka Coffee.

The earlier version.
What you see above is what I now consider to be the finished sketch. The version at right, however, is the one I took home from Zoka. I thought it was finished at the time, but after scanning it, I looked at the image on my screen and realized that I needed to increase the value contrast between the wall and the furniture. I used a cool gray to help differentiate the wall from the furniture, too.

Looking at a photo or scan of a fresh sketch is often a helpful way to see things like insufficient contrast. Something about putting it on a screen seems to give me a more objective view.


  1. The light bouncing on the furniture caught my eyes! Nice sketch, Tina.

  2. Thank you, Joan and Ching! It's my favorite coffee shop for sketching because of those large windows that bring in a nice morning light.


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