Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Metro Couch

9/9/18 Green Lake neighborhood

During Labor Day weekend – one of the year’s busiest weekends for moving, I’ve heard – my hunt for urban couches came up empty. I guess people in the Green Lake neighborhood are just a bit behind schedule, because a week later, I spotted this one right next to a bus stop. A comfy place to wait if you miss your bus, right?

Paper note: Ahhh. . . it feels so good to be sketching on thick, toothy Canson XL 140-pound paper again! With watercolor pencils, I love everything about it. As long as I’m using color, it’s going to have to stay in my bag.


  1. Great couch! Love seeing the color too!

    1. And in the nick of time... it was gone later in the day! ;-)


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