Sunday, June 7, 2015

France Sketchbook Complete

My France sketchbook is bound!
Only eight days after returning from France, my sketchbook from that trip is bound and complete! That’s a personal speed record for me in binding a travel sketchbook! Although I don’t always get around to it that quickly, I’m motivated by the need for the sense of completion I feel from having the sketchbook bound. It’s like getting all the dirty clothes from a trip unpacked and laundered, and all that’s left are the wonderful memories to savor.

On the front cover are a map of France and a favorite image of Sarlat that I cut from a postcard. On the back cover are a map of Arles and a picture of Montparnasse Tower in Paris cut from a brochure. I like the juxtaposed contrast between Arles’ ancient history and the glassy, contemporary tour.

My April-May sketchbook
While I had my book-binding tools out, I also bound the last six signatures I finished before I left for France – my April - May sketchbook. On the front cover is the Smith Tower with construction of 200 Occidental. On the back cover is a fellow at Zoka Coffee, where I took my “grail” Sailor fude pen on its maiden voyage.


  1. Great sketchbooks, Tina. Your draw in signatures and then bind them approach is still the best I've seen. Only laziness keeps me from doing this. I did go a different direction that seems to be working out. I remove the spiral from S&B sketchbooks and replace them with a couple snap rings (Steven Reddy's idea). Then I can either sketch in the book or pull pages out, attaching them to a board while I draw. Makes scanning easy and really lightens the load for larger formats, allowing me to carry just a few sheets rather than the entire sketchbook. Still, your signature approach is calling to me, at least for smaller formats.


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